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Nintendo have released their classic games many times on many of their systems. From Super Mario All Stars on the SNES to the limited edition Zelda collection on the Gamecube, Nintendo have seized every opportunity to release their most popular games over & over again. The Wii added a new dimension, allowing you to buy games online & store them on the console itself. This way you don’t need a disc, or a cartridge to play your favourites. Just switch on the console, point & press the A button.

To play these classic games Nintendo released their Classic Controller. The problem is this controller is… well it’s downright horrible to use. I know some people like it, but most people I’ve spoken to have a few issues with it. Added to this, because it’s not the original controller, it just FEELS like emulation. Nintendo & SNK realised this & have made efforts to give gamers the experience they want. For this article, we will focus on Nintendo’s effort.

So, what happens when you take these 2 devices & put them together?

The answer is this:

Yes, Nintendo of Japan released the Super Famicom Classic Controller through Club Nintendo. I believe recently Club Nintendo has been introduced in other countries, but it doesn’t offer even half the benefits the Japanese get. Now I know a some of you may have seen these devices being sold all over the place & they’re reasonably expensive for a controller. You’re probably wondering, are they any good?

Well I booted up Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Wii to find out. I played through the whole game & while it started out as a bit of a review of the controller, I have to say there were times I forgot I was even on the Wii. Yes it’s true, the right controller really DOES enhance the gaming experience.

When you purchase this, providing you get the WHOLE kit it should come in a fairly plain looking white box like this:

When you remove the contents of the white box you get this:

Beautiful isn’t it? I bought 2 of them, one to use & one to keep in its box. I kinda wish I bought a 3rd one for 2 player games, but they’re still easily obtainable so I can still always do that.

As you can see from the picture, Nintendo even provide instructions on how to access the Virtual Console store & a list of available SNES games for purchase. Here’s a closer look at the pamphlet that came with it:

Please excuse the slightly blurry pictures.

So is this a worthwhile purchase? If you’re going to be playing SNES games it definitely is the ultimate retrogaming experience. If you’re playing Megadrive/Genesis, Master System, NES, Neo Geo maybe not so much. It is a darn sight better than the classic controller though, so you may want to give it a go.

Ultimately with controllers it all come down to whether it feels right using them or not. This is a perfect replica of the Super Famicom controller, so if you don’t like using SNES/SFC controllers then it’s probably not for you. However, if you’re a fan & grew up using them then you MUST have one.

Finally, a test. Which is the real one, & which is the classic controller?


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