Alrighty folks Ultracade Live is on tonight! La Boheme (Opposite Coles) on Grote Street, Adelaide. Free entry, 8pm start, and loads of chiptunes, Street Fighter games/competitions, and delicious cocktails. We’ll see you there folks! :D

(NOTE: There’s been a lot of confusion with people that assume we run Ultracade Live? Well we don’t. Retrospekt covers events around the world related to classic-gaming, and again, we do not run Ultracade Live. We do highly endorse and support such an event however as it’s the only one of it’s kind happening in Adelaide).

As discussed yesterday about the potential 30th Anniversary release of the ZX Spectrum, we find one interesting port which came out for the system, and that was Doom. As you see in the video above, that it is not an official release from id Software. Granted there are the hardware limitations and age to consider of the computer, it’s a pretty damn good looking port, and sounds amazing, thanks to the infamous 8-bit artist Yerzmyey.

Image Source: Askville.Amazon

Word has it that the Mac classic shooter (which arguably was more advanced and enthralling than Doom was) Marathon, or at least a variant of it, Aleph One is being developed for the iPad. Yes, the forum where the heated up discussions are occurring with the community mention that there could be some obstacles in the way regarding releasing it to the App Store. Time will tell, and either way, here’s hoping that it does come out for the portable devices.

And finally, Dorkly have dished up for us all a comical video showing that Sonic has a gambling addiction. Stay away from those poker games at all those Casino Zones peeps! 

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