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This is no doubt to offend the fanboys and fangirls, so we’ll leave it up here! 

There’s no denying it. Video Games are making an influence in every day life and those who dislike that concept must accept that fact, one way or another. JoystickDivision have a list of music videos inspired by Video Games. Not all tracks here are 8-bit sounding either! 

Alright, of course we want to have a quality joystick which will tolerate all that wear and tear, but this one pretty much Bams it up a notch! French fashion design label Hoon team up with the French Arcade parts experts Neo Legend to create the ultimate luxury joystick. Contains exquisite materials like Lacquer, Solid Oak, and Ostrich Leather. This device will be available on February 18 at

This seems to be the time for big anniversaries in the retro-gaming world, first it was Mario’s 25th, then the Speedlink’s Competition Pro joystick’s 25th, Zelda’s 25th is coming up shortly (21st February). The Anniversary we’re going to talk about is the ZX Spectrum’s 30th next year. 23rd April to be exact, and there’s talks around the web of this possibly happening with no official statement from Elite themselves as of yet, either way a lot of people who frequent this site will no doubt be excited about this trinket of news! 

And finally.. *sigh* Okeydokey.. You folks by now would have seen those eccentric Old Spice commercials right? And to all of you who have owned a Nintendo 64 would know the music to Super Mario 64 pretty well right? Well.. why not have the two mixed up? The video above is the end result. 

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