Console collecting… It can take up a lot of room can’t it? I love my SNES collection, but every now & again I feel like playing some Famicom or NES games. Trying to find the machines though & then dig them out of wherever they are means I normally can’t be bothered. For most people though, Famicom games aren’t even an option as they don’t have one of these…


… which means a whole library of fantastic games are closed off to them. That’s where this little device comes in.



I introduce to you, the Super 8. This device claims to “Bring the NES back in SNES!!” The tagline is a bit “Engrishy”, but what is it? Well, to cut a long story short it’s a converter for playing NES & Famicom games on your Super NES / Famicom. It has 3 ports, one for the SNES, one for the NES & one for the Famicom. A flap prevents you using both NES & Famicom carts at the same time for obvious reasons (ie. It wouldn’t work).

How does it work? Does it work in all regions? I’m glad you asked. I’ve done a bit of testing in various setups so let’s check out the results.

First let’s see if it fits all the SNES models. First the PAL system:


Now the US model:

& of course, the Super Famicom:

So it looks nice & snug sitting on top of your original release SNES systems. How about the Jr models?

The Super 8 is almost as big as the Super Famicom Jr itself! There’s just one thing I want to try & it’s to prove a theory I’ll get to in a minute. Does this thing fit in the Sharp SF-1?? (The Sharp TV with a built in Super Famicom)

It fits nicely but isn’t the prettiest looking setup. Let’s use the SF-1 as our first test unit since it’s already plugged into it. Let’s put in a couple of games & turn it on.

It works, IT’S ALIVE!!!

Now before we continue, have a look at the back of the Super 8.

It has a multi cable that goes into the SNES & a multi output from the Super 8 to the TV. Ignore the RF as that isn’t even present. The box even shows you this…

… which makes you wonder why the port is even there in the first place, but oh well…

My theory is that the 8 bit part of device doesn’t use the SNES for anything more than a power & video out source. Let’s check that theory by hooking it up to the Sharp TV sitting next to it.

As I’ve mentioned in my article about the SF-1, the set has specific SNES multi out so you can connect it to another TV. Now keep in mind here that the SF-1 only has the Super 8 sitting on top with the multi out going from the SF-1 to the Super 8 & then the Super 8 connected to the TV.

Hope that didn’t confuse anyone… Turning on the device will bring up the following menu:

Quite simple. Choose either 16 bit for the SNES port or 8 bit for which ever of the 8 bit ports is open. Firstly let’s try the Super Famicom game that’s in the device right now. It’s Kunio Kun Dodgeball. Will it work on both TVs?

It looks like it will. It looks like the SNES port just feeds directly into the SNES itself. Naturally US games work as well:

What about an 8 bit game now? Does my theory ring true? Will the SF-1 show the image for the 8 bit game? Or will it only feed through to the other TV?

I thought so… Now to the consoles. Most 3rd party devices are NTSC specific unless they say otherwise. What about the PAL SNES? Let’s plug it in & try it.

Firstly I confirmed that the SNES & the game (Actraiser) work perfectly. What about with the Super 8?

UGH!!! It’s very green… I tried shifting cables, turning it on & off, re-seating the Super 8, trying different carts & nothing… I guess we’ll shift to the NTSC machines.

Being that the device worked on the SF-1 I have no doubt that this is going to be fine. Let’s turn it on & try Super Mario Bros 3:

Excellent, & NO PAL BORDERS!! I absolutely loathe PAL borders… & this does prove that PAL NES games will work on the Super 8.

Now for a game I just purchased: Gyatto Ninden Teyandee. Otherwise known as Samurai Pizza Cats!!! I love Samurai Pizza Cats. I have models of all 3 of them & even have a Japanese Pizza Cats: Pizza Parlour play set. Yeah, I’m a fan. Let’s turn it on & see what happens:

Sweet… let’s check out the game itself.

It works beautifully. I think I’ll wrap this up now & get back to defeating the Big Cheese & his minions.

So the Super 8: Don’t waste your money if you only have a PAL machine. If you have an NTSC machine then go for it! There are only 4 negatives I can think of:

1) All 3 cartridge ports are VERY tight. I had to wrestle to remove each cartridge I used. I assume they will loosen up the more I use it.

2) You can’t use Famicom peripherals that require the expansion port on the front as this device doesn’t have such a port. For those interested this DOES mean that the Famicom disc drive works. I don’t have one to test, but a Google search will bring up many a testimony to that fact.

3) It doesn’t work on a PAL SNES. No problem if you have a Super Famicom or US SNES though. One other thing to keep in mind is that this is not a SNES adapter & will not allow PAL SNES games to be played on an NTSC SNES.

4) The AV out cable on the unit is quite loose & you can lose a picture & / or sound by the slightest movement. Just pushing it back in fixes this problem though, so it’s a minor annoyance.

Now I must go. Little Tokyo / Edoropolis needs me!!!

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