Dave’s Daily – 8th June 2011

Source: DeviantArt user Spacecoyote

I’d love that as a framed poster! Props to the artist for drawing up a sweet amalgamation of well-knowns throughout Video gaming history. They’re probably playing Gyromite, and R.O.B. was being a shmuck for bringing Savoury Shapes (which seems to be an highly unpopular flavour?).. I don’t know.. GY-RO-MIIIIGHT!


So wow, here’s an awesome gallery on Flickr from the Retrospekt 2.0 Website Launch Party and 3rd Anniversary from BinaryDistortion. I haven’t even had a chance to write up about how the night went yet did I? Okay.. well, it was an absolute success! We packed out the entire Metro Hotel and everyone had a great time! The live acts were downright amazing and the visuals set the mood for an absolute party of the year! Once again I’d like to thank all of you for coming, supporting, playing, running amok and celebrating with us! If you have photos or videos, let us know! And we’ll post them up on Facebook and on Retrospekt.com.au naturally ;)


Have you got one of them new fandangled Nintendo 3DS’s yet? Yeah Nar? Well.. Yesterday the Nintendo eShop was launched with a system update for the device, and my oh my did it come with some classics on the store:

– Excitebike
– Super Mario Land
– Radar Mission
– and Alleyway
as well as a slew of remakes of classics into 3D like Frogger

Oh and of course there’s new games on it as well PFFFFF Like who cares about that right?*
*disclaimer: Of course we frickin do!


Source: TenOneDesign

With all the excitement and commotion, with staying up or even waking up in the early hours in the morning to check out the keynotes from E3 and Apple’s WWDC expo, lets combine the two topics together sort of. Gaming and iOS devices have been put off by a fair few people that I’ve spoken to “BAAAAAAA TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS” etc etc.. well this might change their tone! Introducing The Fling. A device where you stick onto the screen as your physical Thumb pads. Very tempted to try one out on a couple of them retro classics! Also as tempted to try on other touch-screen phones or tablet devices..

And finally, for something a bit random, is this game.. Enter Samurai Zombie Nation, where you battle hordes of zombies in the USA as a flying severed head of a Samurai (oh he has a name, Namakubi), since the aliens were responsible for making the United States of America alone into zombies.. right? Also.. ALSO, you get to battle the Statue of Liberty since it came back to life..

*whew* Okay, I’m one for eccentric video games especially. So I’m going to have to hunt this one down.. Perhaps you folks should as well!? Or maybe you already have it and would like to review it so we can chuck it up on here? Let us know!

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