Tuesday the 31st of January will be a sad day for Adelaide gamers as Gametraders Norwood closes its doors for the last time. Right now the shop is operating at less than 1/2 capacity, but the prices are better than they’ve ever been.

Right now secondhand games are 50% off, with pre-played XBOX & Playstation priced at 2 games for $5 each. If there’s something you want, you just need to ask! I walked away with various Nintendo and Sega signs that were’t for sale, but after asking the owner sold them to me for $5 each.

Out the front are the bulk of the PS2, XBOX and Gameboy Advance games they have. Inside you’ll find your early Nintendo and Sega systems represented.

There’s also a wall of PC games at excellent prices. Grab yourself a copy of Quake 4, delve into a bit of Star Wars or get into a bit of Lego action.

There’s merchandise, Game and Watches (Dave picked up a boxed Octopus Game and Watch for $90), controllers, shirts and more! I know it’s a cliche, but it’s all got to go!

At the time of posting there are 3 days left, so make sure you get down there some time in the next couple of days to get a final bargain, before rent increases force its doors to close one last time.

As of Tuesday GT Norwood joins the list of dearly departed GT stores, including:

GT Glenelg
GT Newton
GT Prospect
GT Mitcham

This leaves us with:

GT Marion
GT Salisbury
GT Ingle Farm
GT Woodcroft
GT Port Adelaide
GT Mt Barker

Let’s hope this is the last we see of Gametraders closures for a while. I personally would like to see a few new stores open, but with the state of the economy right now I’m not exactly optimistic…

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