Oz Comic Con is coming!! I hope you’re getting all of your gear ready to sign, planning who you want to meet and saving your money. I know I am!

It’s not just about the celebrities though. Yes they’re a very big part of it, but conventions are about community. They’re about people coming together and enjoying similar interests, they’re about cosplaying with your friends, they’re about long and unnecessary discussions on whatever area of pop culture you’re interested in.

Here’s a cliche for you: Conventions are about people!

Anyway, with that out of the way let’s get back to the celebrities. The good people at Oz Comic Con have supplied us with a few images of some of the guests on hand.

Maybe Star Trek is your game. If so maybe you’d like to spend a bit of time with Number One.

Or maybe the Chiana on Farscape is someone you’d like to get a photo with.

If you’re a comic book fan then Nicola Scott will be in attendance. She’s well known for her DC Comics work.

Or maybe you’d like to travel through the Star Gate with Dr Janet Fraiser. For anime fans she was also the voice of A-ko from Project A-ko and Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2

The good people at Oz Comic Con are still adding guests to the roster. It will be interesting to see who they come up with in the coming weeks. Retrospekt will be providing coverage of the event, but for the meantime you might want to visit the website here.

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