Now it’s my turn in the rotation to provide you with some news for the week. I hope everyone’s enjoying the different angles the three of us come from with regards to news. Retrogaming is quite a broad area of gaming and we all have different areas of it that we’re interested in. With that out of the way, here’s a bit of what I’ve discovered online lately.

Who remembers Tex Murphy? The post World War 3 gumshoe who starred in 5 games, 3 of which were revolutionary in the way they used video and 3D. Sadly there was never a sequel to Tex Murphy: Overseer, so we never got to see what happened to Tex and Chelsea after they were kidnapped on their first date. Well if you want to know what happened next I have a solution for you that you might not be able to SEE, but you can HEAR! What does that mean exactly? Well most of the original cast got together in 2001 to record a series of Tex Murphy radio programs. You can download them for free here.

Sadly they haven’t done anything since 2001 but with the rights back in the hands of the creators there is the possibility of a new Tex game in the future.

Does anyone remember the rumours of Super Mario FX? As the title tells, it was supposed to be a Super Mario game designed using the Super FX chip on SNES. Many sites have been fuelling the rumour over the years, taking interview quotes out of context, and even pretending to have a prototype. Evan at SNES Central has been investigating and even got in touch with Dylan Cuthbert, the head programmer of Star Fox. Check out his findings here.

Ah, the Game and Watch… I never actually owned one as a kid… sad… Today they’re priced way out of range of the average punter. So what do you do if you want to play one of these classic handhelds? Well you could visit MADrigal’s Handheld Simulators. Game and Watches are “recreated” as opposed to “emulated” here, and MADrigal is constantly releasing new simulators or improving existing ones. Check him out here

If you’re looking for that hard to find item then check out Retro Gaming Australia’s weekly Auction watch. Why scour Ebay for hard to find items when Matt can do it for you? There are some pretty interesting items this week, including Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX for Gameboy Colour. Check it out here

Finally we have another remake for the Amstrad CPC. This time in the form of R-Type which was originally a Spectrum port. As a game it played pretty well, but the Amstrad is graphically a far superior machine to the 4 colour Speccy, so fans have decided to remake this classic for 128k CPCs. Check it out here or view the video below:

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