The Sega Dreamcast, the machine the fans won’t let die has a new game on the way. It’s a shmup (shoot em up) which isn’t my favourite genre, but it’s always good to see new homebrew efforts. The name of the game is Sturmwind and it’s available for pre order right now. Release date is scheduled for post March. Check out the website here or watch the video below.

Creating games isn’t the only way fans are keeping the spirit of “retro” alive. The online fanzine “PC Engine Gamer” has a new issue out now. This issue and the previous 5 are available on the site as free download PDFs, or you can read them online by following this link.

Console hacking is becoming more and more common among the retro community. Whether you’re simply snipping the tabs in your US SNES or N64 to play Japanese games, or making handheld systems out of old machines, people just love to hack a console. With that in mind, check out the “Super Genintari” in the video below. This bad boy plays Atari 2600, NES, Genesis and SNES games all in the one unit.

No matter what your views on hacking consoles are, you can’t deny the convenience of having one machine to play all of those games on.

Who remembers floppy discs? What a nuisance they were when they stopped working… I can recall a couple of Amstrad discs I had over the years that got plagued with bad sectors to the point where they were unusable. Today if you buy a game on disc on Ebay you’re taking a big chance, especially if the auction lists the disc as “untested”. If you want to play games on the original hardware without the headache of discs you could try the “HxC2001 Floppy Emulator”. It’s a device that connects to the computer’s drive controller and uses SD cards with disc images on them. Check it out here.

It supports the Amiga, Atari ST, MSX, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC among many others! Check the site for a full compatibility list.

Finally I’m not a big fan of chip tunes, I’ll be the first to admit it. With that being said I fully endorse anything that brings attention to retro gaming. The guys gave me a chip tune artist to put up as Blip Fest isn’t too far away so I’ll give it a bit of a plug. This artist will be performing at the festival, so if you enjoy his work you might want to check it out. The tune is called “Crack the Safe” from Patric Catani. You can find it on his album “The Horrible Plans of Flex Busterman”

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