Gametraders stores are renowned for being a haven of retro gaming goodness, however up until now the news on their website has been based on modern gaming. Sure, there’s a retro gaming section on their website but there wasn’t much else… until now… The good people at Gametraders have decided to call in the big guns and get a writer on board who specialises in retro gaming. They chose someone who can talk about any subject from Amidar to Zool and a lot of things in-between. That person is… well it’s ME!!

Yes I’m using this daily post to give myself a bit of a plug. If you want to read about how modern gamers are keeping the classic systems alive then click this link and check it out. I hope you all enjoy it.

Oz Comic Con have announced another new guest for their convention. This time we have Australian Manga artist Queenie Chan. We hope you’re all going along to Oz Comic Con, because we’ll be there! Check out the site for more details.

Have you ever needed a map for a game? Maybe you’re a bit lost in an RPG, or maybe you just want to see what’s coming next. Either way, if you have a NES or SNES the websites “Nintendo Maps” and “Super Nintendo Maps” will cater to your needs. You can even order large prints of the maps online.

Check out Nintendo Maps here.

Check out Super Nintendo Maps here.

Amstrad Action was a huge part of my childhood, and it was considered to be the longest running 8 bit magazine. It spanned 117 issues, ending just short of its 10th anniversary. It was also the magazine that launched Future Publishing, publisher of Gamesmaster and Super Play among many others. Issue 117 ended with a “next month” preview. Sadly issue 118 was never released as the magazine ended due to low sales. Many years later fans of the magazine decided to get together and create a final farewell to Amstrad Action. It features interviews with many of the staff, and a heap of reviews of classic and modern day homebrew games. It even features a letter from yours truly in the mail section!! You can download it for free here…

or you can purchase an actual paper magazine here like I did.

Finally a fan made film called “Viva Amiga” is in the works. They’re calling it “The incredible story of the computer that could have been”. You can pre order the film or contribute to it on this website. For a bit of “work in progress” check out the trailer below.

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