Console hackers are quite an imaginative bunch and a lot of them take real pride in their projects. This guy is no exception, managing to squeeze the insides of a Gameboy Advance SP into a miniature arcade cabinet. He has various mini arcade replicas that he has constructed with more on the way. He also offers to make them on demand, so if you’re interested then wing an email his way. The address is in the video below.

At school I remember making little flip books. No one does this anymore, but the idea is that you take a paper pad and draw pictures on every page. These pictures are drawn progressively like an animation. When the pictures are done you start at the beginning and flip each page past in quick succession to watch your pictures “move”. I never went much beyond drawing stick men, but this person has drawn a mini Sonic the Hedgehog adventure. Check it out:

Fan games can be a bit hit and miss, let’s be honest. I give credit to anyone who makes a reasonable attempt at a game, but those who pump out a decent quality title worthy of commercial release I give major props to. Did you ever think about creating a Sonic the Hedgehog game using the Doom engine? I can honestly say I never did, however some fans thought outside the square and pieced this little gem together. It’s called Sonic Robo Blast 2 and it’s a free download for PC, Mac, Linux, even the Dreamcast and Wii. Check out the website here.

At the moment only the PC download links are working. If the rest come back up or I can find some mirrors I’ll post them up here.

Batman!! The Dark Knight, the caped crusader of Gotham City. Who knew that his first ever computer game was an isometric 3D affair? I used to have this game back on my Amstrad in the day, and being someone who liked those old isometric games I can honestly say I enjoyed playing it. The game has been remade for modern PCs, so anyone who wants to relive some memories or see what the fuss is all about can check it out for free by following this link.

Finally, Laser Squad was a classic strategy game where you took control of a group of marines and set out on missions. The game was turned based but don’t let that put you off, it’s still one of the most playable games I’ve ever experienced. This website recreates the game in a Java based environment and includes extra scenarios. If you want to know what the word “addicted” really means then pay the site a visit using this link and give the game a go.

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