Emulation is a dirty word. It invokes images of hard drives filled with ROMS that never get played, dodgy controls, and it just ruins retro gaming. For me it does anyway. I personally don’t believe there is anything like using the original hardware to play a game. This leads me to the Retrode 2 from Stone Age Gamer. This device allows the use of the original cartridges and controllers to be used in an emulator. Some might say it’s pointless, but I think it’s a fascinating little device. Check it out in the video below.

I’d still rather use a proper SNES or Megadrive console, but to each their own. It can be purchased on the Stone Age Gamer Website.

Maybe you want to do things the other way around. Rather than use cartridges in emulators you might want to use ROMS on the original hardware. Well Stone Age Gamer have you covered there as well. The Ever Drive series allows you to use SD cards full of ROMS on your original:

– Super Nintendo
– Sega Master System
– Sega Genesis/Megadrive
– Sega Game Gear
– Nintendo 64

Check out a review for the Master Everdrive below:

When they’re in stock they tend to go fast, so if you visit the site and they’re not available just keep checking or join their Facebook page for updates on availability.

A Youtube video showing what is alleged to be an early prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 has been released. Is it a hoax? Not according to former Sonic 1 lead programmer Yuji Naka who states that this is the real deal!

Here’s a link to Yuji Naka’s Twitter account which verifies the claim.

Throw it into Google Translate and you get:

“I was doing a scroll multiple version of What a Sonic in development from the acid. Try to guess it in front of palm trees and rocks? I wonder does this ROM came out from? But good old days.”

Ahhh Google Translate… Maybe someone who speaks Japanese can provide us with a better translation.

Collecting Neo Geo equipment isn’t easy. I myself have both an AES and 4 port MVS in an original cabinet. Some games I have for the AES, and some for the MVS. This is mainly due to pricing as some games like Metal Slug cost roughly $1000 for the AES version, but I only paid $90 for my MVS cart. Not many collectors have the room for a full size Neo Geo cab however and have to settle for just the AES home system. Enter the Phantom-1 converter. This allows arcade MVS games to be played on the AES home system.

For years the Phantom-1 was the converter of choice, but it did have compatibility issues. This new converter the Daedalus seeks to address these issues, but you’ll be paying for it. At $395CND you’d be wanting to make sure you get your moneys worth out of it. To check out the details and contact the maker click here.

Finally I have another hardware mod for you, this time for the 3DO. This person has created an IDE interface that allows him to connect a 120GB HD to the console. Dave has already said he has no interest in modifying his console, and I agree. Personally I would have one modified and another left untouched. Regardless, I’m always amazed at what console modders manage to come up with. Check out the video below to see how it works.

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