It’s Valentine’s Day!! The day for snuggling up with a loved one on the couch and playing some of your favourite retro games. That should be every day really… Personally I bought my little Foxcub the Simpsons Arcade on XBOX 360 & she can’t wait to play it. We haven’t had a chance to yet as she’s been struck down with a bad head cold. Sad… Anyway, enough about me, let’s get on with some retro lovin’…

As a part of my gaming collection I have a reasonable number of pirate cartridges. While I disagree with direct pirate copies of games, some of the modified carts you can buy are just fascinating. Somari and Donkey Kong Country on Famicom immediately spring to mind. NESWorld recently uncovered this little gem from Korea.

Hold on, have a look at that label. That’s Jack Bros for Virtual Boy! While that is fairly interesting, that’s not what makes this cartridge so fascinating. This SNES pirate cart actually contains 19 NES games with all new music, with game 20 being a Tetris clone. All new music on NES games? I’ve never seen that in a pirate before. Check out the video below and read the original article here.

A SNES cart that plays NES games & has a Virtual Boy label… does it get any weirder than that?

Evan at SNES Central has uncovered another prototype in the form of Bubsy the Bobcat. For the player there isn’t any difference, but for the coder it’s interesting to see how the loading of the sound engine & levels differ from the final game. If you’re interested check it out here.

Here’s another leaked prototype for you. “Space Pinball” is a Virtual Boy prototype of “Galactic Pinball”. Interestingly enough this prototype has one extra table that didn’t make it into the final release. Check out the news on Planet Virtual Boy.

You can either use an emulator or a Virtual Boy flash cartridge if you’re lucky enough to own one.

Here’s another prototype!!! Dizzy is renowned for being something of an 8-bit computer hero. Many Amstrad and Spectrum owners had Dizzy games, though consoles were sadly lacking in the adventures of the little egg. The Megadrive had “Fantastic Dizzy” released, but there were actually two Dizzy games in production for Sega’s 16 bit wonder. “Dizzy the Adventurer”, which was a pack in game for the Aladdin Deck Enhancer add on for NES, was due to be ported across to Sega’s system. Sadly it never saw the light of day, though a prototype exists. Check it out below.

Sadly this may never see an actual release, though Dizzy creators the Oliver Twins do own the prototype cart. If we get more news on this we’ll let you know.

Last but not least, Retro City Rampage is on the way… FINALLY. This Grand Theft Auto inspired game created in an 8-bit mould has been a long time coming. The video below hints at big news on the 20th of February, but is the news about? Is it a release date? Is it the game itself? I guess we’ll find out soon…

I have to say I’m impressed with the amount of references to retro games. I’ve seen a bit of Ninja Turtles, Turrican, Double Dragon, Bionic Commando, Super Mario Bros, and many more. It will eventually be released (hopefully on the 20th) on WiiWare & on XBOX 360.

That’s it for today. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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