Firstly, apologies for the late daily post! I had a few technical issues.

Over the weekend I’ve been catching up on episodes of Game Center CX (note the US spelling of “centre”). For those of you who have never seen an episode, it’s about a 30 something year old Japanese comedian (Arino) who plays through a series of retro game challenges. He is the kacho (manager) of the fictional company called “Game Center CX”. As well as playing games Arino ventures around Japan reporting on the many and various game centres, and the retro games that can be found in them.

I thought to start the week I would share something old (but new to us) with you. Little Miss Gamer and Lee from Still Gaming used to have a podcast called “Lee and Z”, and in one of their episodes they focussed on Game Center CX and Kacho Arino. Have a listen here (it’s episode 9).

If you’re interested to see which games Arino has played over the years and how well he has gone then check out this link. It is the most dedicated English language guide to the show and gives a complete break down of every episode.

Thanks to the good people at Oz Comic Con the year of the dragon is turning into the year of the Dragon Ball! Sean Schemmel (the voice of Son Goku) will be at the Adelaide event, while Eric Vale (the voice of adult Trunks) will be at the Melbourne event. Check out the Oz Comic Con website for more information.

How often do you see prototype games going for under $100? I own a couple myself and I can tell you that I paid well in excess of that for both of them. Well talk about “right place, right time”, some lucky gamer has scored a prototype of Pocky and Rocky 2 on SNES for $50 on Ebay!! I suspect a lot more people will be scouring Ebay for rare bargains after this…

Finally, this is a bit overdue but the team at Retrospekt would like to congratulate Rinry from Rinry Game Game on the birth of her baby girl. She has been out of the retro gaming scene for a while, but her videos were (and still are) nothing short of brilliant.  She promises more are on the way, but considering the circumstances I think she’s entitled to a bit of time off. Rinry and I have helped each other out with a couple of projects over the past 18 months or so and she’s been great. Congratulations!
Just to remind you of the brilliant videos she’s done, here’s one I helped her out with:

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