Daily Retrospektive – 21/02/2012

Anyone who was at Blip Festival Australia over in Melbourne would agree that it was an epic weekend full of Chiptune candy for the ears. For those of you who couldn’t make it you missed out on the awesomeness below!

The above video is an amazing rendition of “Video Games” originally by Lana Del Rey and performed by Brisbane’s Dot.AY and Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls.

I must confess hearing that gave (and STILL gives) me goosebumps!!  I will be writing up my debrief on the entire festival asap (just waiting on photos to get processed/edited). For now I will say that this was an amazing festival and props to the organisers of the event and the live acts. Never have I seen so much diversity in live music in one venue. So there you have just one of the many amazing pieces of music heard at the festival and one festival that will be in my mind for many moons to come! :D

source: game-over.net

In  more gaming news Brian Fargo from the former Interplay studios has followed suit due the astounding success Tim Schafer’s Double Fine studios received after placing a pitch on Kickstarter.com to get funds to make a new game.

Everyone knows the Fallout series of video games right? Fallout 3 being one of the largest time consumers out of all three in the series including the DLC’s and New Vegas. Not many would know this fact, but the first Fallout game was a “spiritual successor” to a game made in 1988 called Wasteland. Fargo mentioned in a recent interview with IGN that he was amazed at how successful the Kickstarter campaign went for Schaffer and that he’s considering doing the same.  Whether it will be a sequel or a reboot is anyone’s guess as it’s still in the pipe works. Wasteland may be a lesser known title but it is a crucial piece of gaming history, because without Wasteland there would be no Fallout.

So you folks remember Sonic 4 Episode 1- that game that got us salivating and wanting Sonic Generations?  Well here’s the kicker!  SEGA have posted screenshots of the up and coming Episode 2 of Sonic 4. The storyline continues from the previous episode and also coincides with the storyline in Sonic CD, so expect a lot of Metal Sonic in this one (and of course Tails). Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will be available May 16.

source: toucharcade

Lastly, according to one source the arcade classic wrestling game “WWF WrestleFest” is coming to the iOS this week. It will no doubt be interesting as to how THQ will bring this button-basher to the iOS. The screenshots show they’re (THQ) sticking to as original a look as possible. Oh well, time will tell once the game arrives. I for one am not a fan of wrestling games (except for Saturday Night Slam Masters aka Muscle Bomber, but that doesn’t really count as wrestling does it?) but regardless I will be checking in to this one as this was a better known WWE arcade game.

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