After mentioning Little Miss Gamer yesterday I started rewatching some of her videos. I kinda feel like I’m ripping you guys off by giving posting another LMG video today, but this one is probably my favourite. I promise I’ll provide some more traditional news tomorrow, but today I want to share this as it’s just brilliant.

In an homage to the movie “High Fidelity”, Z goes through the various types of guy gamers out there. If any girls out there are thinking of dating a gamer you might want to watch this first. My girlfriend Danielle didn’t get this warning before dating me, but she doesn’t complain… too much…

Yes, I too wonder why they felt the need to change the name of “The New Zealand Story” for the North American market.

This next bit may not be news to some of you, but none of the Retrospekt team had heard of it before. There’s a store at Magill in South Australia that specialises in retro games and console repairs called “Thunderbox”. Yes I know it’s the name of Steven Segal’s band… Anyway, I visited the store today and took a few pics for a feature which may or may not be on the website by the time you read this.

I have another retro store discovery for you tomorrow…

Dave and Mike like to feature chip tunes in the news, and I’ve mentioned before this really isn’t something that interests me greatly. I’ll talk retro gaming with you all day, I’ll collect almost anything that comes along, but I can’t seem to force an interest in chip tunes. Anyway, to coincide with a story I did the other week, the Retro City Rampage soundtrack has been released as a digital download before the release of the actual game. As well as that, you can even buy it on limited edition vinyl!

Racketboy has compiled a list of Sega Genesis games for under $10. Just be aware that these are US prices, so you’ll have to add postage and have the means of playing NTSC games on your Megadrive if you don’t own a Genesis. For some cheap gaming goodness check out the list here.

Finally, have you ever wanted to build your own Pong machine? Well Thinkgeek have a kit available that allows you to do just that. It includes 39 parts and needs 3 AA batteries, but how many of you can claim to have partaken in a bit of “DIY Classic Gaming”?

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