Most of the news today is going to be pretty local, as there’s a fair bit happening in Australia and on this website that you’re currently viewing. Firstly I’ve been working on a bit of a 2 fold project that I’ve been holding off reporting on, though I’ve really wanted to… Anyway, it looks like things are starting to happen and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some big news. For now I’m going to drop a little hint in the form of a picture.

That’s ALL I’m saying!! Hopefully today runs smoothly and I’ll have something concrete to report tomorrow…

There’s a bit of “forward sizzle” as Tony Martin would say.

The 321 Show, a collaboration between Retrospekt, Gamedork, Radcom and Ultracade Live can now be found on the Gametrailers website. Episode 3 is also on the horizon, so watch this space!!

We’ve been plugging Oz Comic Con rather a lot lately, but that’s because Retrospekt is a strong supporter of not just video game conventions, but also pop culture conventions in general. With only a month left to go it’s time to start the final touches on those cosplays, get those items you want autographed, and plan which celebrities you want a photo with. Details are on the Oz Comic Con website.

Here’s an animation cel from Ranma 1/2 that I got in the mail today. This one is for Teryl Rothery to autograph.

Keeping with conventions for the moment, the AVCon team have been busy updating the website and producing various forms of media to keep the public pumped for the convention in July. Check out the site here.

What are Retrospekt planning for AVCon? Well it’s still early days so we’re not announcing anything yet other than “we have plans”. There’s some more forward sizzle for you…

Finally I promised another South Australian retro game store for you today. This one is inside the kiln at the Brickworks Markets. If you live in South Australia then you know the situation there isn’t very good at the moment, with many stalls closing down due to actions by Woolworths who now own the market. I won’t comment on that side of it, but the owner of this stall assures me he isn’t going anywhere.

The store is called “Memory Lane Toys”, and as the title suggests, they don’t just deal in video games. However, there is a fair bit of retro video gaming goodness to browse through here. Time permitting I’ll post another little feature with a heap of photos tomorrow. For now, if you’ve never been to the Brickworks, the website can be found here for details.

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