Gawrsh, Oz Comic Con is a month away. Hyuck hyuck. OK, so I’m not the greatest Goofy impressionist in the world. Maybe I need voice over sessions with Kyle Hebert to improve my skills…

Either way, if you can’t beat em, get em here to Australia for a convention. That’s what I always say… well when I say always I mean rarely, and when I say rarely I mean… this is the first and only time I’m ever going to say it.

Anyway, when it comes down to it if you want someone to do a Goofy voice for you, you may as well get this man:

This is Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy and Pluto and he will be at Oz Comic Con. For retro gamers he was also the voice of Sam in Sam and Max Hit the Road. I know I have my boxed copy of the game ready to get signed. What about you guys?

Maybe you’re a fan of the film Boondock Saints. If so then you are in for a treat!! Both Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus will be in attendance at the convention, so get those DVD covers ready for a signature or 2.

I’m in the process of compiling some things I want signed. I’ll post a picture closer to the event. If you have anything you’re planning on getting an autograph on why not post a picture of it on our Facebook page?

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