I used to love listening to the radio show “Get This” with Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee. It was a crying shame when Triple M canned the show… Anyway, I’m getting side tracked already… One of the things Tony and Ed used to talk about (ie. make fun of) was martial arts movie star Steven Seagal’s band “Thunderbox”.

This write up has nothing to do with that band…

I was making one of my frequent visits to Games 4 All with a friend of mine who was visiting from interstate. While we were browsing around, the owner Darren asked whether I had been to a store called “Thunderbox”. Well after immediately thinking of the aforementioned Steven Seagal band I said I hadn’t. Darren jumped online, gave me the details, and my friend and I ventured to 87 St Bernard’s Road, Magill to check out this new promised land of retro goodness.

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the retro display case. It contained various retro treasures and a Doctor V64!!! After discussing it with my lovely partner Danielle, I now own one of the Doctor V64s the owner James had. Here are a few shots of the retro cabinet:

To the right of the entrance is a room full of games and DVDs. Fear not modern gamers, you are catered for here too…

I was pleased to see an arcade machine in the back corner:

On the opposite side is a PSX in a cabinet:

Opposite that in the other corner is an N64 cabinet, which wasn’t turned on at the time:

To the left of the entrance is the main counter, where more hidden gems are waiting to be found. What’s this hidden behind that stack of Playstations?

Yep, it’s a boxed SNES. What about in the shelving in front of the counter?

There’s a boxed NES Toploader, boxed Dual Shock Playstation pack and retro joysticks that should work nicely with your Amstrad CPC, C64, Amiga, etc…

Speaking of controllers, this is the wall to the side of the counter:

The signs in the store advise you to ask about retro games, as there isn’t a lot of space to display them so most of them are out the back. The owner James also pulled out a few interesting little items he had stored away, including this Charlie Sheen pong machine:

Apparently there’s even more stock that can be bought into the store. Just have a talk to the guys and let them know what you’re interested in. If on the other hand all you want is a nice refreshing drink or a video game / anime themed T-shirt then check out the display rack:

So that’s Thunderbox. It’s a store I’ll be visiting frequently now I know of its existence (incidentally it’s been around since 2002). Finally, if you require any console or computer repairs or mods then have a chat to the guys. They’re friendly and they know their stuff!! You can check out their website here.

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