A little while ago Kotaku obtained the rights to Game Center CX. While they tried to bring Kacho Arino to a Western audience they were met with mixed reactions from fans. Due to this they decided not to renew their license, but this hasn’t stopped a company called “Discotek Media” from releasing the show on DVD in North America. The release is rumoured to have both English and Japanese audio tracks. There’s no mention as to whether the missing segments from the show will be put back in. I’m pretty sure there are licensing issues to getting those segments… Anyway, Crunchyroll have the details on their site, including links to the distributor.

Yesterday I mentioned a project I was working on that related to the 90s video game review show “The Zone”. Here’s a link to my article from my childhood memories of the show. Anyway, today I had the opportunity to interview Justin ‘Muttlee’ Mansour from the Zone! It’s all rough audio at the moment, so I’ll have to edit it. Expect to see it uploaded in a week or 2.

Remember, he’s Muttlee & you’re not!

Evan at SNES Central has updated his “Unreleased Games List”. If you want to know about an unreleased title for Super NES then this is your one stop shop!! Check it out here.

The Angry Video Game Nerd has been a bit quiet of late, working on his movie. During his absence his buddy Mike has stepped up to the plate to bring you a regular glitch show. Check it out on the Cinemassacre website. For your viewing pleasure now, here’s the Kirby episode.

Finally, Street Fighter is the latest franchise to made into a Monopoly board game. Capcom are asking for feedback from fans, asking which mini figures they want to use as game pieces. Place your vote here.

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