It’s the final daily of the week!! What better way to begin the day than with some prototype coverage. I mentioned Steven Seagal in the Thunderbox article the other day, so this is something of a coincidence.

The website Nintendo Player have provided more information on the SNES prototype, for the unreleased Steven Seagal game “The Final Option”. This is a pretty in-depth article, so make sure you have a bit of time on your hands before reading it. It also includes an interview with one of the game designers. Check it out here.

If you’ve been keeping up with my daily posts, you’ll notice that unlike Dave and Mike I tend to steer clear of mobile phone games. The main reason is that I find most of them unplayable. I don’t find trying to use a picture of a joystick on my touch screen much fun. With that being said I still think a game written by Bill Gates in the early 80s, coming out on iOS is pretty newsworthy.

Donkey is a simple game with one objective: Don’t hit the zombified donkeys!! The controls are simple, just tap the screen to change lanes and that’s it!! Check it out on the iTunes store here.

Here’s a video of the old DOS version:

A lot of homebrew coders really have a knack for making our retro consoles feel new again. Playing a new game on a system that’s nearly 30 years old takes you back to your childhood. Remember that moment when you first plugged a new game into your ‘then current’ console? Good times… Anyway, if you happen to own a NES with a way to play homebrew games on it then you’re on for a treat.

Driar is a new Swedish platformer that should work on any existing NES flash/SD/MMC cartridge device. The rest of us will just have to use emulators. Download the game here and check out the video below:

On the 9th of March Pix’n Love Publishing will release the second in their series of “The History of Nintendo” books. I’ve had a chance to glance over the first issue and it’s very in-depth, and covers everything from their hanafuda playing card days, all the way up to the beginning of the Game and Watch era. It REALLY left you wanting more. Here’s their trailer for book 1 which is still available on their website:

It’s been a long time coming, but today marks the day that Retro Gamer magazine hits issue 100!! I’ve been a collector since the first magazine was released & have every issue in my collection. Retrogamer originally died after 18 issues when it’s original publisher “Live” ran into difficulties and closed down shop. When the magazine died fans and Retro Gamer freelancers released a CD ROM, that contained the articles intended for the unreleased issue 19. I remember buying this CD and thinking it was the end…

… Thankfully Imagine Publishing picked up the title and continued it from issue 19 to, well… issue 100 and beyond!! Issue 100 covers the creation of Sonic, behind the scenes of GTA, an interview with C64 music maestro Ron Hubbard and much more. It will be out in Australian newsagents in a few months, but if you subscribe, live in the UK or buy the magazine through the app you’ll probably be reading it as soon as you finish reading this…

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