It’s Monday!! Yay!! Yeah, most people would disagree with that… Apologies to those people.

The controversial movie “The King of Kong” aired last night on ABC2, and every time discussion about this movie comes up I have to mention the offical Twin Galaxies website. Walter Day was interviewed in Retro Gamer magazine, and has posted where Twin Galaxies stands on the film. Was Billy Mitchell really the bad guy he was made out to be in the movie? Of course he wasn’t!! For more information check out the Twin Galaxies official forum on the movie.

Oz Comic Con is less than 2 weeks away! I myself have a Goku action figure being express posted from the US, as I left things to the last minute. Hopefully the rest of you have been a bit more organised and have your stuff ready to autograph and dinners booked. This page has all the details, and also competition information to help you win tickets to the event. Keep an eye on the Facebook page to see if you’ve won. The Retrospekt gang will see you there!!

On the 25th of April the Wonderboy Monster World series will be released in Europe on Xbox Live. I mention this in the hope that it will also be released in Australia… We’ll have to wait and see. The pack includes “Wonderboy in Monster Land”, “Wonderboy in Monster World”, (yes they are 2 separate games), and “Monster Land 4” which was previously a Japanese exclusive. Expect to see all the usual achievements and other nice little add ons when the pack is released.

I know a lot of people who have been hanging out for the new Neo Geo Pocket that is coming out soon. Sadly I don’t bring good news on that front, with the device set to be extremely limited and be valued at roughly 500 pounds (roughly $750AU). It’s not set in stone as yet, but if the rumours are true this is going to be one very exclusive little handheld. Check out the news report here.

Finally, did everyone check out my Muttlee interview that was uploaded on Thursday? With the exception of the poor audio on my end I’m really happy with how this turned out. If you missed it then take a listen by clicking on this link.

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