Yesterday I mentioned that The King of Kong aired on ABC2 on Sunday night, and that there were a lot of facts about that movie that weren’t 100% accurate. Now another Donkey Kong movie in the works. Hank Chien, who took the record in 2010 has a mini documentary coming out about his struggles to be Donkey Kong champion of the world. Check out the trailer below.

The website can be found here.

When you stop and think about it, we are still in the first video game generation that doesn’t feature a console from Sega. This hasn’t stopped fans keeping their last machine, the Dreamcast alive in the wonderful world of homebrew. It can be awfully inconvenient loading the latest Dreamcast homebrew title from a CD though. You have to burn it right, and if the game is only very small or completely rubbish it feels like a waste of a disc. Fans have thought this through and created an SD card reader for Sega’s swansong. Check it out here.

Sir Clive Sinclair was one of the people responsible for giving the public affordable home computers. Due to the failure of his last Spectrum computer, and the extra failure of his electric car the C5, his company was sold to Amstrad’s Alan Sugar. These days Sir Clive isn’t working on computers anymore. If you’re interested to see what the father of the ZX Spectrum is up to today then check out this site. where you can purchase a fold up bike, or await the release of (his long overdue) electric car.

Didn’t he learn his lesson with the C5? Obviously not…

A homebrew “Guitar Hero” clone called “Game Hero” has been released on Virtual Boy. Naturally you can either use a flash cartridge or an emulator to play it. There are 25 video game theme tunes for you to get stuck into, so give it a go. Check out the news on

Finally, if you heard the Muttlee interview the other day you’ll notice that he mentioned the old Bruce Lee game. I still have a copy of this game on Amstrad CPC, and still think it’s incredibly playable today. If you’re interested in checking it out there is a remake for it on the PC. It’s a tiny download, so download it and give it a try here.

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