It’s Thursday and another one of my “Retro Corner” articles has debuted on the Gametraders website. They have asked me to do a retrospective look at the main consoles that feature in the world of retro gaming. Last time I focused on the Atari 2600, this time the Nintendo Entertainment System. As I’m going in chronological order I’ll probably focus on the Sega Master System next. Enough spoilers for now though, check out the article by clicking this link.

Oz Comic Con has posted their Adelaide schedule. You can view it by clicking on this link. I’ve been ordering items to get autographed and the last one arrived today! I’ll take a picture of them all & put them up tomorrow. Oz Comic Con voice actor guest fact of the day: Sean Schemmel was in Shadow the Hedgehog. Yes the game is rather ordinary, but wouldn’t this artwork look nice with his signature on it?

It’s not really news, but I found this image while searching the Internet.

Is that REALLY a mouse for the NES? Actually it isn’t, but it’s a nice concept model designed as a school project. The creator of this really needs to make this real. It would be horrible to use, but as a collectors piece it would be awesome to have!! Here’s the original page with the design.

New details on the Amiga Mini have been put up on the Amiga website. I have to say I’m not too crazy about this, but I’d definitely check it out if I ever got the chance. It runs a new version of the Amiga OS and apparently comes with a slew of software. It claims to be backwards compatible with the C64 and older Amiga computers via emulation… because apparently no other computer can do that already?? Ummm… yeah… Anyway, if you want to check it out click this link.

Would it be fair to say the design was “inspired” by the Mac Mini?

Finally, I’ve said before I’m not a fan of iOS games, but I do like Lords of Midnight. It’s one game I could see working very well on the iOS hardware. Funny I should mention that, because it HAS been announced for the iOS platform. It promises to play just like the original with some new surprises. Check out a work in progress video here:

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