Welcome to my last daily update before Oz Comic Con next weekend. You now have one more week to get everything ready. If there’s anything you want signed, or if you want to attend one of the available dinners with celebrities then you’d better get it organised to avoid disappointment. As for me, I will be bringing the following items to get signed:

Now to dig out my X-Men vs Street Fighter CPS2 arcade board for Stan Lee to sign in Melbourne!!

100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience is an upcoming documentary about the evolution of arcades and arcade culture in Japan. While arcades have dwindled down to a few in the Western world, they are still huge in the land of manga and anime. The film makers are seeking fundraising to help finish the project, and you can contribute on this website. For a sneak preview of the film, check out the trailer below:

100 Yen: The Teaser Trailer from Strata Studios on Vimeo.

The other day I mentioned “Entertainment World”, the retro games specialist in Birmingham, UK. While they’ve been updating their website with more games in the past few days, they have also uploaded a video of the store itself. This was filmed a month ago, but it’s a good representation of what to expect if you were to drop in. I’ve always wanted to go to the UK as I have family over there. Now I have another reason! Well, that and a tour of locations used in filming Doctor Who…

Who remembers Captain ‘N’ The games Master? I never really liked the show myself, there were too many inaccuracies with characters for me to find it entertaining. Years later PBC Productions created Captain ‘S’ who has to save video game land from the villainous Game Genie and his henchman NES. It’s old news, but we’ve never covered it on Retrospekt before. It’s a 10 episode mini series that’s very well done. Check out episode 1 here:

Check out all 10 episodes here, including a special cross over with the Angry Video Game Nerd

Earlier this week I mentioned Sir Clive Sinclair, the main who created the ZX Spectrum series of computers. Well, with the exception of the Spectrum +2 and +3 models which were released by Amstrad after the take over, but I digress. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a 4 colour ZX Spectrum with id Software’s Doom? Well some imaginative fans not only imagined it, but made it a reality. You can download the disc image file here for either your emulator or 128k Spectrum. Yes, this bad boy runs on the original hardware! Check out the video for a preview.

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