This time I interview Justin “Muttlee” Mansour from 90s video game based TV show “The Zone”. Please excuse the varied audio levels on our end. Have you ever had a TV show you used to watch that ended before its time and left you with questions? For me, that was The Zone. It was a brilliant concept that did really well in the UK with shows like Games Master and Bad Influence, both of which lasted several years. Sadly The Zone didn’t even last a quarter of the length of time these shows were on the air.

It’s a shame that Australia TV didn’t “get it”, and in a way it still doesn’t. Shows like Good Game have been stuck in ABC land with none of the commercial stations taking a chance and trying out a similar format. Still, television is all about making money, and I suppose the executives think they know the best way to do it.

Anyway, enough of my ranting… Enjoy the interview!



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