With thanks to the good people at Oz Comic Con we have yet another interview for you!! This time with Sean Schemmel, the voice of Son Goku. My introduction to Dragonball is a bit of a story. In the Super Nintendo days I used to play the Super Butouden games. I had no idea who the characters were. All I could fathom was that there were a group of guys with yellow hair and a big green guy. The games were fun, though I really got into Hyper Dimension, which I still go back to even today. It’s a fantastic game!!

Years later when I started going out with Danielle she started me watching the show. I watched the show under protest, but very quickly got into the story line. I began watching during the Freeza arc, and she would explain the back story to me as we watched. Years later I have the US and Japanese Dragonbox releases, I’m recollecting the manga, I have official DVDs of the most recent specials that were released in Japan… I’m a fan!!

Anyway, enough about that. Check out the interview, and if it’s still the weekend of 31st March/1st April visit Sean at Oz Comic Con over the weekend. If it’s after that well… hope you enjoyed it if you went!!


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