Welcome to a short week of retro news. I’ve been preparing a bit of a write up for Oz Comic Con so I haven’t been sitting idle. Expect that to appear on the site soon.

As prototypes are something I like to focus on I figured we’d start the week with 2 of them, both on SNES. Firstly we have TMNT 4: Turtles in Time. This prototype has had a full breakdown over at the “Nintendo Player” website. It’s a long read, and there’s a lot of “this pizza is in a different place to the final version”, sometimes by one pixel!! You have to wonder why they bother changing little things like that… Anyway, check it out here.

The second prototype we have today is Mortal Kombat 3. This one may require a bit of a run through Google Translate, as the site is in French. There aren’t too many differences. It looks like some of the text is different and Smoke is already available at the character select screen. Check it out here and give it a run through a translator.

Thanks to SNES Central for the prototype news.

Al Lowe is trying to revive Leisure Suit Larry. Right now he has the rights to remake the original game (for a second time), but promises a brand new Larry game if the remake is successful. Interestingly enough Codemasters now own the rights to it, which can only be a good thing if they’re allowing the original creator to revisit the character, as opposed to those awful Vivendi games that Al had nothing to do with. The problem is he needs to finance the game but has no backing. To this end Al has started a Kickstart campaign, so show your support and bring the REAL Leisure Suit Larry back.

For just $15 you can both support the release and buy yourself a copy of the game upon release!!

Machinima have released a mock trailer for Pacman the Movie. Sadly the rights of these things are normally put into the hands of the wrong people, but if there is ever going to be a movie made about this then the people involved should use this for inspiration.

Finally episode 4 of the 321 Show is online for your viewing pleasure. To save you the trouble of going to the website, I thought I would embed the video below… because that’s the nice kind of guy I am!! Just be warned: MATURE CONTENT!

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