Apologies for the lack of daily post yesterday. As you can see though, we got a bit of content on the site yesterday in the form of our “Oz Comic Con Adelaide” coverage and our look at the underrated Llamasoft. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out then take a break from reading this daily and come back after. We’ll still be here when you get back…

Nintendo have registered the domain “www.supermario4.com”. Anyone who was around in the early 90s has to ask themselves “What the?” My question is “Super Mario WHAT 4?” We’ve had Super Mario Bros 4, or have they forgotten about Super Mario World?

See that little subtitle there? It clearly says “Super Mario Bros 4”. Maybe it’s Super Mario Land 4? That’s the only other game in the series I can think of that has only had 3 entries. Though technically “Super Mario land 3” was the first Wario game, and wasn’t “Super Mario 3D Land” the 4th game? GAH!! Look what you’ve done Nintendo, you’ve gone and confused poor Iggy Koopa.

No wait, he’s always been like that. Moving on…

A few weeks ago I mentioned Crunk Games “Game Center CX” guide. Maybe that was the kiss of death, because they have decided to stop updating the guide after season 15. It’s a bit sad, I used this guide all the time and it’s a shame they decided to end it. Check the guide out here, with their explanation for ending it.

Julian “Jazza” Rignall of Mean Machines and C+VG magazine has tweeted that the SNES has turned 20 in the UK. He also mentioned that all of the cool kids were already playing imported machines by the time the PAL machine was released. I always wished I was one of those cool kids back then…

What claims to be the “Worlds Oldest Mac” has appeared on Ebay. The seller claims that while bits and pieces of this legendary machine have surfaced over time, this is the ONLY complete unit known to exist. It can be yours for a cool $99,995.00. With conversion that’s only $96,978.95AU!! If you’re curious or want to place a bid click here. The auction only lasts 5 more days, so get in quick!!

If you’re viewing this after Ebay has removed the auction (which happens a few months after it ends) then the seller had this to say about the unit:

“The first Mac (Macintosh 128k) computer was originally planned to be released with a Twiggy floppy disk drive, just like the
Apple Lisa 1 computer (announced in January 1983). Due to high error rates with the Twiggy disk drive, Apple decided to switch
over to the 400k Sony 3.5” disk drive in the last 2 or 3 months before the Macintosh’s scheduled release, on January 24th 1984.

To date, only bits and pieces of the original “Twiggy Drive” Macintosh have ever surfaced… A motherboard here, a plastic case there,
but never a complete machine or example. This is the only one! The computer and keyboard are authentic and original, dated 1982-83.
The computer and its keyboard were acquired together and complete, and have not been pieced together from miscellaneous parts.”

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