Welcome to another week of retro gamey related goodness. Now we have the poor English out of the way, let’s get on with it.

Justin Bailey: The man, the myth, the Metroid code. Just who is Justin, and how did he inspire a cheat code where you can play as Samus in a swimsuit? Was he the first guy who ever beat the game? Did he work for Nintendo? Or did he win a contest? The correct answer is… none of the above!! Dojo Retro have done a bit of investigating and have the answer. Check it out here.

Issue 2 of ZX Spectrum Gamer has been released. This issue is a bit of an artistic affair, with the magazine checking out some of the finest Spectrum loading screens and box art. That coupled with reviews and features make this a must read issue. The best part is that it’s free!! Check it out here and have a read of PC Engine Gamer while you’re there.

Strategy classic “North and South” is getting a remake. If ever there was a game worthy of being remade then this is it. North and South was notable for being given away with the final issue of Amstrad Action. There isn’t much to see in this trailer, but it’s a sign of things to come! Details can be found here.


A new homebrew Amiga game has been released called “Downfall”. It’s a simple, yet addictive affair with the player having to fall through the gaps in the floor to avoid getting squashed as the platforms rise to the top of the screen. Check out the website here and download the game. It’s available for the original hardware and for emulators.

Have you ever found yourself remembering an old game you used to play and wondering if it ever had a remake? I found myself doing that the other day, and thought I would Google an old game I used to play on my Amstrad CPC called Ranarama. This was an old Gauntlet clone about a young wizard who accidentally turns himself into a frog. While in this form his wizard school gets invaded and his teachers killed. The young Wizard then has to wander the school and defeat the enemies in his frog form. Luckily his magic abilities are intact. It was a great game that I spent many hours playing, and thankfully I found the remake I was looking for. Ranaremake (see what they did there?) puts a new spin on the old classic and is well worth a download. You can get a copy here.

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