Daily Retrospektive – 26/04/2012

Some of you may know this already, but for those of you who don’t there used to be official SNES “Arcade” machines called the Nintendo Super System back when the Super Nintendo came out. I even recall a couple located at a video arcade in the city where I reside called Twilight Zone. They’re not easy to come by nowadays, so how can you relive an experience that has already been easily experienced in the comfort of a lounge room? Perhaps you have a spare arcade cabinet that has no game inside and by coincidence you have a SNES console that may have been smashed on the outside, but on the inside the components still work fine?



Then why not do what this Redditor did and make a SNES Arcade Cabinet?  Assuming, that is, that the SNES wasn’t smashed up prior. Oh sure it doesn’t have a Joystick for the 2nd player, but it does have a spare controller hidden away, plus you get to change the games (assuming you have the carts). Still though, a lot of effort has been put into this project. Bravo!!



Whilst on the topic of arcade gaming, have any of you played Snow Bros.? It’s a true “fish n chippery” classic!  Great clone of Bubble Bobble actually, with similar concepts except you throw snow on the enemies and roll them around knocking over other enemies on the screen. Good news for you if you own an iOS or Android device, because Snow Bros. is available at the iOS App Store and Google Play. After a brief play of it, I must say that it’s great to play this game again. Even if there are a lot of additions like map screens and a graphics filter thrown on, it’s still Snow Bros! :)



Which brings me to another Arcade classic worth mentioning since it just came out on the App Store.  Marvel VS Capcom 2 is now also out on iOS. If you can play this game with the touch screen then I take my hat off to you. The controls are taking a lot more getting used to, otherwise the graphics and sound is what you expect, if you recall it from the Arcades. I should also add that neither of these games are iCade-compatible (as of yet, I’m sure that will change).  It’s on sale till 6th of May (due to the release of The Avengers in the cinemas).


It’s always a good thing when video games and academia clash!  Here is a video of students at Massachusetts Institute of Tech who, on the 20th of April, somehow hacked the lighting system at the Planetary Sciences building and turned it in to a massive Tetris game. Novel idea really, not a new one, but always a fun one nonetheless! :D



And finally, as winter has pretty much come for us in Australia, it’s high time we start thinking about ways to keep ourselves warm. How about these obscure, yet classically designed Bubble Bobble socks? Obscure because how many of you recall spelling out the word “EXTEND” in the game when you first think of Bubble Bobble? So cool!

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