There was a lot of excitement around the first ever Oz Comic Con, particularly as it was going to be hosted in Retrospekt’s home town of Adelaide. Promotion was heavy and the promises were plenty, as guest after guest was announced for the event. During the leadup we had been promoting it quite heavily, and the Oz Comic Con people were good enough to grant us interviews with 2 of their guests; Sean Schemmel and Bill Farmer. When the final weekend of March came around though, there was really only one word that could describe it.


Upon entering the Wayville Showgrounds you could easily see where the convention was being held by the line up. Both days played host to significant crowds, and on Sunday the line was reported to stretch from the Goyder Pavillion to the ferris wheel (a couple of hundred metres). Luckily I was allowed in earlier to get some pictures of the setup before the crowds came through the door.

While I was around snapping pictures I ran into Debi Derryberry, the current voice of Pacman (Pacman Party, Street Fighter X Tekken) setting up her booth. Her credits go far beyond Pacman though. She was the voice of Jimmy Neutron, Ryo Ohki and was in Tales of Symphonia as well as heap of other live action shows, anime and video games.

Debi is a lovely lady who was happy to have a chat to her fans… and yes that includes “yours truly”. Sitting with her were Retrospekt interviewees Sean Schemmel and Bill Farmer.

Above is a picture of our own Mike getting Tales of Symphonia signed by Debi. Sean and Bill are in the background signing autographs. In the spirit of retro gaming goodness I got Dragonball Z: Super Butouden 2 signed by Sean Schemmel and Goof Troop on SNES signed by Bill Farmer. Bill had never signed a copy of the Goof Troop game before and was interested to know if he received any “kick backs” for it.

All 3 voice over guests had their own panels and one together, which was great. When you do interviews you always think of questions after the event. Thanks to these panels I had a chance to ask them and satisfy my curiosity even further.

It wasn’t only all about animation voice actors, with guest stars such as Matt Doran, Jonathan Frakes, Sean Astin and the gorgeous Jewel Staite signing autographs and having pictures taken with fans. I wasn’t allowed to take photos of them while they were signing, but I could take a picture of the area they were signing autographs in while they weren’t there.

It kinda loses its effect without the stars being present, but you get the idea…

Streetgeek LAN parties had a big setup in one corner of the hall, running tournaments throughout the weekend on both consoles and PCs.

The cosplayers were in full force over the weekend, coming from all areas of pop culture, including:

Darkwing Duck

The 7th Doctor’s companion Ace with a Dalek

Team Magma from Pokemon

Rainbow Brite and many others.

There was even a remote control R2D2 running around the convention hall.

The vendors were busy all weekend and sales were huge. Retrospekt’s own Dan was helping to man the Pulp Fiction Comics stand and reported massive sales.

Along the comic signing area we ran into comic artist Jon Sommariva who appeared to be quite fond of Capcom characters. I purchased a couple of pictures that featured some of the Dark Stalkers cast and a small version of the Megaman poster you see in the image below.

You can follow Jon on Twitter here

And of course there was the obligatory TARDIS, a staple at these conventions.

All in all it was an amazing weekend. Once again I would like to thank the Oz Comic Con team and all of the celebrity guests, including our interviewees Bill Farmer and Sean Schemmel who are amazing guys. We look forward to covering the upcoming Melbourne event!

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