Daily Retrospektive – 13/06/2012

Good morning retro gamers! :)



First up this morning we are taking another look at E3. Why you ask?  E3 expos are basically all about modern games aren’t they?  Where people get caught up in the tidal wave of high-end graphics and insanely vibrant gameplay elements of contemporary gaming technology that would have never been seen back in the older days.  Well as I’m sure you all know, it’s both valuable and important to know your roots and to learn about where things have started.  Thankfully some awesome folk at the expo agree with this sentiment, with amazing results!

Pat “the NES Punk” from Retroware TV checks out the Videogame History Museum in detail.  The museum featured quite a big display with some very cool stuff, not just trinkets and rare collectibles, but also arcade machines and authentic demo kiosks of old consoles. I should also add that the Videogame History Museum (according to the Seattle Times) got the vote for best booth of E3 2012. Kind of says something there aye? ;)

Controversial yet very well done piece here by Deviantart user Haloz3ro, interpreting a famous part of history at Tianamen Square in 1989 when a man stood in front of a convoy of tanks. Pretty fricking powerful stuff!  This piece is definitely a good tribute to Final Fantasy’s classic battle system.

In more retro gaming news, here’s something interesting I came across on Kickstarter only recently so unfortunately if you haven’t pledged by the time you read this, the campaign will be over. Either way, this is a new indie game which holds to the roots of classic RPG’s from back in the day (pehaps more reminiscent of Earthbound?). Simply called “Do You Remember”, you play as a child living his life going to school and growing up. I’ll let the trailer above show what kind of game to expect, but take note that the video above does depict an unfinished result.

For more information on this game, check out “Do You Remember” on Kickstarter.

A while back I mentioned that a reboot of Double Dragon (simply called Double Dragon Neon) was in the works. Well folks, here’s some new footage from the up-and-coming title that was showcased at E3 this year. The video demonstrates Bro-Op, in other words a kickass Co-Op system which enables players to share health by high-fiving each other amongst other things. Looks like a winner.

For more information on this reboot check out doubledragonneon.com.

Double Dragon Neon will be available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade around Summer (in the US), so hopefully in a month or two Down Under.

image source: nineoverten.com

Lastly a major update has been pumped out for owners of Worms 2: Armageddon for the iOS. It now includes Asynchronous Multiplayer, meaning you can play online against other folks via Apple’s Game Centre Service by taking turns. So for any of you looking for another game on that particular platform with turn-based multiplaying strategy, then look no further.

Worms 2: Armageddon is on the iOS App Store (Link) for AU$0.99 at the time of posting this.

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