Daily Retrospektive – 25/07/2012

It’s the middle of the week everyone, which means we’re getting closer and closer to AVCon! Geeks in Adelaide including ourselves are getting more and more excited! :)

Alright alright, lets plow through today’s post!


First up for today we have alpha video footage of game-in-progress Bad Dudes 2- an official sequel to a classic arcade game.  Seems to be coming along quite nicely so far!  There are still two weeks to pledge for this to make it a reality, so get on it!


*Warning: the next video may contain offensive language!

Cinemassacre have been very busy as of late with the Angry Video Game Nerd movie, but they have still found time to bring out new episodes of the series. I for one get very excited when a new episode comes out and this one should be no exception. In this episode the Nerd delves into old video games based on films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check it out yo!


The following game is a scam!  I’m mentioning this as a warning to you all so you don’t get to see your 99c disappear.

Naughty Dog has released Super Galaxian for the iOS. Now I know what you’re thinking. Naughty Dog? Really? They’re famous for classic titles like the Uncharted trilogy on the Playstation 3, the Crash Bandicoot franchise and of course Way of the Warrior on the 3DO.  So why would they release Super Galaxian?  That’s because they didn’t. It’s another company bearing the same name. I wasted 99c to download the game, but at least I can warn you all STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!

Super Galaxian is on the App Store for now. That is before it gets pulled down for being a scam app, or for the actual Naughty Dog company to make it clear that they’re not responsible for this game.


Not actual box art :)
Image source: vgboxart.com

Alright, consider the next news item to be rumour more than anything, but over at The Sonic Super Zone there are reports of a few domain names being purchased along the lines of Sonic Adventure 3.  There are a few interesting things to consider here: Sonic Generations came out last year; Sonic Adventure also came out after for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network; Sonic Adventure 2 has been announced recently for the new-gen consoles and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 also came out recently. Should there be a new Sonic Adventure? I think the question is more: “Should there be a new Sonic game?” I say yes!


And now to end today’s post with some nostalgia. Well, more nostalgic than usual perhaps? ;)  Back in 1976 before Star Wars and before there was the Atari 2600, there was Atari Video Music. Now what in the heck is that you might ask? Well, it’s a visualiser for your music which hooks up to your stereo and television. They’re rare and very hard to find, but are very cool gadgets! I mean sure we’re privileged to have Visualiser plugins and what not included with most music playing software on our computers nowadays and even games consoles. As actual hardware it’s amazing! Especially considering the inspiration the creators had when they created it… ;)

Source: Retroist


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  1. Posted July 25, 2012 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    I need an Atari Video Music. If someone finds one for sale please let me know :P

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