Daily Retrospektive – 31/07/2012

Good morning everyone! :D Back on the daily grind after a great weekend at AVCon 2012.  For those of you who didn’t get to attend, Paul and I will give you all a report on the weekend. Before I continue with today’s daily post, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Retrospekt team (Paul, Danni, James, Marcus, Jon, Dan, Jedda and Mike) for helping out with all of the events we organised at AVCon and Tom from Bleep Radio for being the opposing team captain at the quiz show.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Thunderbox, Shin Tokyo and Gametraders Marion for providing the cool giveaways throughout the weekend.


The team and I would like to also thank Team AVCon for all the hard work they’ve done for not only organising an amazing convention, but also for helping us to put on a great show for you all!  And last but not at all least, we’d like to thank YOU all for supporting us and also coming along and having a great time!  It was great to see the panel room pack out for the Super Retro Game Trivia Challenge quiz show, the museum full of people all weekend and the positive feedback from the Dragonball panels. YOU- the fans, gamers and readers out there are what make AVCon what it is and you also keep the passion for retro-gaming alive!  Alright, lets get on with it shall we? :D

Now this is a cool looking shirt especially for those of you who dig Mortal Kombat and Mario. Picking Wario for Scorpion is quite hilarious however- just picturing if there was a game and whether the Chain Chomp would bark as it flies across the screen?  Artwork done by Harebrained.

The t-shirt is available at Red Bubble.


If there’s one thing you will find in most old-school platform games it is the simplicity behind it, the graphics, music, controls. Modern games inspired and influenced by the classics are of no exception, take Bitless for the iOS as an example. Simple runner game meaning that you don’t control going left or right, you just control the jumps. Very simple graphics, sound and a condescending message appearing every time you die. Once you grab it, you’ll definitely find it to be quite addictive, yet frustrating to the extreme! Check it out!

Bitless is available now on the iOS App Store (Link).


Puma has decided to go 8-bit with their promotion of shoes over at their website, in the form of a running game as well (is there a theme happening here today? No I promise that there won’t be). GREAT Chiptune chosen as well!


To wrap up today’s post we have an exclusive-to-Japan game that’s been recently translated to English.  To be more specific the game is in fact the sequel to Dragon Force (and the first game did actually come out in English). Dragon Force 2: Kamisarishi Daichi ni is a tactical real-time strategy game with a thick story plot. Definitely looks like the kind of game to spend a night in with during wintertime. Either way, the patch is out there and ready!

Source: Retrocollect

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