We’re sitting in the Adelaide Convention Centre after setting up the museum and figured that we would finish our coverage of our presentations over the weekend.

Later on tonight I will be interviewing the 2 voice over guests: Crispin Freeman and Cassandra Lee. These will be uploaded to the site at a later time.

For now though, we’ll have a look at the Super Retro Game Trivia Challenge

The game show will be hosted by myself & the lovely Danielle. Dave from Retrospekt and Tom from Bleep radio will be the team captains as they select audience members to participate in the first ever Super Retro Game Trivia Challenge. The show will be split into 4 rounds covering general knowledge, video game music, screenshots and incomplete titles.

It’s Saturday afternoon at 1PM, so after you’ve watched our screening of The Zone (10:30 – 12:00) you have an hour to get something to eat, drink, catch up with your friends and then journey back for the game show. Check your AVCon program book for more information or view it online here.

As usual all the information can be found at www.avcon.org.au

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