The Doctors are coming!! The Doctors are coming!!


2013 looks set to be a big year for events and it’s also the year that celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who. First Contact conventions are giving fans an opportunity to meet the stars from the show in their “Lords of Time” convention that is being held in Melbourne in April.

A lot of you may be asking “how is this video game related”? I hope you did ask that question, because it gives me an opportunity to answer it for you!

Recent Doctor Who games on the Wii and DS have been nothing short of disgraceful, I think anyone who’s played them can agree. However it’s a little known

fact that Doctor Who has a bit of a history with video games. Let’s take a look:

Doctor Who - First Adventure

Doctor Who the First Adventure was released for the BBC Micro in 1983. I always found it strange that a game that has a picture of Peter Davison as the 5th Doctor on the cover was called the FIRST Adventure… I see what they were going for though as it was the first official Doctor Who computer game. The game comprises of 4 mini games that are homages to arcade classics such as Space Invaders and Frogger, but with a TARDIS!!


For more information on this game click this link

Following the calm mannered 5th Doctor was the brash and arrogant 6th Doctor played by Colin Baker. The next game that was released was a text adventure called “Doctor Who and the Warlord”


While the Doctor you travel with in this game isn’t clearly described, it takes place during Colin’s era on TV, so I like to think of it as a 6th Doctor game. Colin’s Doctor also featured in the 1985 BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 game called “Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror”.

Mines of Terror

Mines of Terror Screen

This game features the 6th Doctor with a new companion, a robotic cat named Splinx. I’ve met Colin Baker in the past and have asked him about the game and he was not aware of its existence.

As Doctor Who the show suffered from poor ratings, the firing of Colin Baker and a brief hiatus the games dried up. It wasn’t until the show had been cancelled for 3 years when fans finally got a new game called “Dalek Attack” in 1992.

Dalek Attack

The game featured various Doctors depending on which format you played it on. The Spectrum version featured only the 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy, the PC and Amiga versions featured the Second, Fourth and Seventh Doctors, while the other versions featured the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors. K9, Ace and Davros all feature in the game, but that wasn’t enough for it to be a success and outside of fan circles it’s seen as being a very average game.

1992 also debuted the Bally/Midway Doctor Who Pinball machine. Featuring pop up Daleks and speech from the all 7 Doctors (at the time) this is one fun pinball machine to play on. Our good mates at Amusementworx get these machines in from time to time, so if you want a good pinball machine for your home give Simon Wisbey a call. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the backing board signed by the 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors?

Doctor Who Pinball

5 years later came Destiny of the Doctors. While it featured the final appearance of Anthony Ainley as the Master as a game it was, once again, very average. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a sealed copy on Ebay but I don’t think I’ll be breaking the seal to get it autographed at the event. All the surviving Doctors (Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy) recorded new dialogue for the game, and with Peter, Colin and Sylvester appearing at the Lords of Time this would be a great opportunity to get some autographs on an unsealed copy of this game.

I’m trying to track down another unsealed copy!!

Destiny of the Doctors

The world didn’t see another Doctor Who game until 2008 with the “Top Trumps” card game, but that was just a card game that featured David Tenant’s 10th Doctor.

So maybe you have one of those games and want to get them autographed. How are you going to do this?

Well for starters you’re going to go to the First Contact Conventions website by clicking here and buy a ticket but you have to be quick!! According to the organisers there are less than 50 tickets left! If you want a VIP ticket then you may have missed out by the time you’ve read this. Event organiser Scott Liston says “This event will be a sellout”!! Scott is a fan and is making sure this event is jam packed with Who goodness.

If you’re coming to the event and want to bring some video games to get signed, hopefully this will give you a good idea of what’s out there!

Announced guests for the event are:

Peter Davison – The 5th Doctor
Colin Baker – The 6th Doctor
Sylvester McCoy – The 7th Doctor
Paul McGann – The 8th Doctor
John Leeson – K9
Frazer Hines – Jamie McCrimmon
Janet Fielding – Tegan Jovanka
Nicholas Briggs – The voice of the Daleks
Alexandra Tynan (Sandra Reid) – Designer of the original Cybermen

PS… if you miss this event First Contact Conventions have put out a little teaser…

Lords of Time 2

More information to come…

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