Teryl Rothery

It’s that time again! At the time I write this Oz Comic Con Adelaide is 9 hours away from opening its doors for the second year. Now I admit that I am

a BIG Ranma 1/2 fan, I’m just going to put that out there right now. The show is without a doubt my favourite animated series (Dragonball comes a very close second), and when Teryl Rothery was announced as a guest at last year’s Oz Comic Con I put in for an interview with her. Sadly she was unable to attend, but she was on the guest list again for the 2013 show and I wasted no time in putting my name down to speak to her.

Unlike last year where I had to run through the streets of Melbourne to reach Chris Sabat & Todd Haberkorn, I got to the hotel early which means this interview is a little more relaxed. Teryl was lovely and seemed to enjoy reminiscing about her early Ocean Group days. I also took this opportunity to see if I could unravel a little of the mystery that was supposed to be the US release of Ranma 1/2: Cho Rambuhen, which was to be released in the US as Ranma 1/2: Anything Goes Martial Arts. There have been rumours for years about the status of completion of this port, the voice acting and the company releasing it. At one stage there was a website devoted to the US release of this game that never happened. After speaking with Teryl it seems at least one of the rumours about the game can dismissed…

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Oh & THAT YouTube clip I mention from 2007 of Teryl singing to a clearly freaked out Star Gate fan can be found here. It’s hilarious!!

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