Paul McGann Interview

The great people at First Contact Conventions hosted the Lords of Time event on the first weekend of April, 2013. Doctor Who turns 50 this year and this event was a chance to celebrate the show and the official launch of the Audio Adventures of Doctor Who in Australia. Originally only available in the UK through Big Finish Productions, they will soon be available at your local JB-HiFi or direct through local distributor Red Disc Records.

After speaking to the wonderful Peter Davison my friends and I waited for the next interviewee to come along. That second interviewee was the brilliant Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor. Paul featured in a one off Doctor Who TV pilot in 1996, but continues to play the role in audio dramas for Big Finish Audios. Sadly the 8th Doctor was not even considered when the show returned to our screens in 2005, not even for a regeneration sequence. Instead Christopher Eccleston took over the role of the 9th Doctor and the rest is history.

Like Peter Davison, Paul was a well known actor before Doctor Who and his career continues to thrive. He starred in the cult classic Withnail and I with Richard E Grant, and the award winning PC game “Ceremony of Innocence”, which won countless awards worldwide including 4 Australian industry awards. Though he was by his own admission quite jetlagged and munching on chips, when he saw the box for the game (that my friend Kate bought along) he grabbed it and started enthusing over it. Afterwards he revealed he had never been interviewed about the game before and was pleased to be able to discuss it for the first time. Of course we HAD to ask him some Doctor Who related questions!!

Thanks to Kate Mandalov for providing research for this interview and for bringing

a copy of Ceremony of Innocence to jog Paul’s memory, though it doesn’t look like he needed it!! Kate hosts her own website called “The Eight Doctor Mini Misadventures”. Check it out!!

As with the Peter Davison interview, there was a lot of background noise still going on. Apologies, but I filtered out as much as I could. It’s still perfectly listenable.

Once again big thanks to Scotty from First Contact Conventions for the opportunity to interview Paul.

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Download HERE (10MB MP3)

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