Sylvester McCoy Interview

The great people at First Contact Conventions hosted the Lords of Time event on the first weekend of April, 2013. Doctor Who turns 50 this year and this event was a chance to celebrate the show and the official launch of the Audio Adventures of Doctor Who in Australia. Originally only available in the UK through Big Finish Productions, they will soon be available at your local JB-HiFi or direct through local distributor Red Disc Records.

After interviewing Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy wandered over to our little interview area at the front of the stage. I put out my hand, he rested his cane on it, shook my hand then grabbed the cane demanding I give it back. That is pure Sylvester McCoy right there, a little eccentric, a little quirky and a good laugh. At the beginning he mentionns that he had to “bring the glue”. This was in reference to the “Ceremony of Innocence” game we still had with us that had the glue peeling away from the box.

At about 3:27 we were getting the wind up by staff who were unaware of long Sylvester had been sitting with us for. We got some more time & managed to stretch it out to nearly 7 minutes, so all was fine.

While he is known as the 7th Doctor, modern day movie goers will have seen McCoy in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit as “Radagast the Brown”. He is set to star in the next 2 Hobbit movies, but continues to star as the 7th Doctor in the audio adventures of Doctor Who for Big Finish Productions.

While this interview is a little short compared to the other 2, our final Lords of Time interview will more than make up for that. Look for it soon!

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Download HERE (7MB MP3)

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