While primarily a retro gaming fan site, the gang at Retrospekt share an appreciation of pop culture. With that in mind, the first convention of the year is almost upon us & it’s going to be a big one! Next Saturday Oz Comic Con will be in town and from the looks of the guest list there are going to be some familiar favourites with a few new surprises!

First up, if you love your Dragonball then you are in for a treat as Oz Comic Con bring you a trifecta of Dragonball stars!

Sean Schemmel Resized

First up is our buddy Sean Schemmel, who the English voice of Goku back in 2012. Sean has a real passion for his work & is fantastic to the fans, so if you have any Dragonball merchandise (or maybe something else he’s been in) then bring it along!


Next up is Todd Haberkorn who Todd voices Vegeta’s younger brother Tarble in Dragonball Raging Blast 2, as well as portraying many other characters in many other anime. Todd is a very enthusiastic guy who has a real energy about him and you can’t help but get swept along with the stories he tells.


Next up is Mike McFarland, who I have not had the pleasure of interviewing yet. Thanks to Oz Comic Con, next weekend you can meet Goku and the man who taught him his famous Kamehameha technique.

Rob Paulsenresized

I’m VERY excited about this one. Rob Paulsen, the man who voiced my favourite Ninja Turtle, Raphael, is coming to Adelaide. For some bizarre reason he is in the new series of Ninja Turtles as Donatella, but he will always be Raph to me!


Next is comic book artist Jon Sommariva. If you’re a fan of retro gaming artwork, come and see Jon’s selection of Capcom artwork ranging from Megaman to Darkstalkers. You’ll be hard pressed to walk away without at least a postcard!

Benedict Adelaide Banner Resized

Not retro gaming related, but I am a BIG fan of Sherlock, and the man himself is going to be in attendance! How can you afford to miss this event?

Oz Comic-Con puts on pop-culture expos across Australia that celebrate film, television, comic books, graphic novels, gaming and anime. Conventions feature celebrity appearances, exclusive film and anime screenings, chances to meet local and international comic book artists, a huge range of exhibitors and retailers, gaming demonstrations, industry masterclasses and cosplay competitions.

Oz Comic Con Adelaide will take place on April 5 and 6 at the Adelaide Showgrounds

Oz Comic-Con 2014 is presented by DCA Enterprises – the company also responsible for The Hub Productions’ intimate popular culture events (www.thehubproductions.com)

Tickets are available for purchase at www.ozcomiccon.com

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