The AVCon Website says it all! We are three weeks out from one of the greatest anime & video game conventions in the southern hemisphere!! Since 2010 Retrospekt have been a part of this massive community event, showcasing consoles, running stage events and introducing the Super Retro Game Trivia Challenge.

You’re probably wondering what you can expect this year… Am I right?? Let’s have a look at what Retrospekt are going to be running at AVCon, & what we as a team are most looking forward to.


First thing is first, the Super Retro Game Trivia Challenge has been renamed to the Super Video Game Trivia Challenge. The new title allows us to include a wider range of trivia from modern gaming as well as the classics that initially helped make the show a success. Debuting at AVCon 2012 & initially setup as a once-a-year AVCon event, the show has gone from strength to strength, filling out a room at PAX Australia 2013 (with people being turned away at the door), to a 3 show spectacular at the Adelaide Fringe. At AVCon 2014 we return to where it all began with a new name, a new attitude, & new team members in the form of AVCon guests Jon St John (the voice of Duke Nukem) & Chris Avellone (Senior designer on Fallout: New Vegas among many other things). Come & cheer on our teams, learn a bit of trivia & as usual we have prizes for our amazing audience members!!


We at Retrospekt always run at least 2 shows at AVCon, & this second show is about one of the greatest consoles that never hit our shores, the PC Engine. Released in a variety of guises, this NEC/Hudsonsoft wonder-console had a wide range of games and superior home ports. Come along to our show & let us help ease the hardware confusion & show you some of the finest games to grace the console.


For the third year running Retrospekt will be running the Retro Gaming Museum. Come down & join us in a trip through the ages, as you get hands on with old favourites such as the Amstrad CPC, Neo Geo, Super Nintendo and many more!


On the Saturday night, if you’re not partaking in the annual quiz night, come on down to Sound Bytes at AVCon!! After a day of running around at a convention take some time to chill, enjoy some chip tunes, hang out with people & play some games. Hey, we’ll all be there!!


We mentioned celebrity guests earlier!! Well Jon St John & Chris Avellone will be joined by Funimation voice actress Cherami Leigh. Come along & get your anime & video games signed & get pictures with the stars!!

Yes, AVCon 2014 is shaping up to be a HUGE event not to be missed! So come along & have some fun!!

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