Returning to AVCon 2014 is the Super Video Game Trivia Challenge!!

Debuting at AVCon in 2012, hosted by myself, Paul, the show has gone from strength to strength. We started out in AVCon’s smallest panel room, which we promptly packed out! It was a total shock to us that so many people would want to come & see this unheard of show, but it did prove that we were on to something special!

We returned at AVCon in 2013 with new team captains, the brilliant sisters Jess & Natalie dressed as Mario & Luigi!! That year we were given a larger panel room to allow for the large audience. A week later we presented the show at PAX 2013 & once again, we filled a panel room with people being turned away at the door due to the room being at capacity (we were told approx 500 people). That show was filmed by the crew at Retro Domination (who were also participants) & can be viewed here:

After a longish break, we returned again for the Adelaide Fringe. Jess & Natalie were back captaining their teams, with new co-host, the amazing Kayla!! The 3 shows we performed in April were a success & gave the everyone the experience needed to make sure that AVCon 2014 will be a show that you don’t want to miss!! To add to that, AVCon have kindly allowed their guests, Jon St John & Chris Avellone to participate in the show!! Yes, the voice of Duke Nukem & one of the lead developers of the Fallout series will be joining our teams on stage putting their gaming knowledge to the test!!

Jon St John Interview

Chris Avellone Interview

See us on the Saturday at 2:30 & get your trivia fix!!

The show doesn’t end there however!! Keep watching this space!!

PS. Also, be sure to check out our panel on the PC Engine on the Sunday!!

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