I confess to not having listened to commercial radio for a number of years now. If I have to be perfectly frank, I just got over it. In my observations it seems that people who listen to commercial radio are continually reminded of these three things:

Which year Bryan Adams got his first real six string

That Joan Jett loves rock and roll

That it rains down in Africa

It’s not just those three poor songs that are abused in this way. It’s not unusual to hear the latest hits played up to 4 times in an hour! Today I thrive on a healthy diet of CDs, Pandora, iTunes and Fubar Radio. You might be wondering about that last one, especially since it features in the title of this article. Fubar Radio is an uncensored radio station based in London which features many comedians, much irreverence, and more than a bit of colourful language. The station plays in its own little radio sand box away from the other kids and is better for it. The shows tend to focus on being entertaining rather than structured, and they are not scared to play with different formats or concepts. One of Fubar’s newer concepts is a radio show called ‘Spoiler Alert’.


Only 7 episodes young, Spoiler Alert is the kind of radio show that pop culture enthusiasts and gamers alike yearn for. Yes, we have a plethora of podcasts out there to choose from, but it’s great to see geek interests get some real recognition in a medium that tends to favour sports and the aforementioned overplaying of certain songs. There have been short lived examples in the past, such as our buddy Tom’s Bleep Radio (yours truly co-hosts episode 63, check it out!) previously hosted on Radio Adelaide. Sadly the show ended after 64 episodes.

So what exactly is Spoiler Alert? I had the opportunity to ask the hosts Claire Lim and Adam Johnson last night. We had a lovely chat for about 35 minutes but a technical hitch with Audio Hijacker (the software I was using to record the Skype interview) meant that the audio didn’t save for some reason. I tested it prior to the interview and successfully recorded a trial call, then I updated the software. I’m assuming this was my mistake and I should have tested it again! I was hoping to upload that interview today but sadly it has been lost in the ether. Yes I am both embarrassed and ashamed…

Spoiler Alert Claire and Adam

The female half of the dymanic duo, Claire Lim, describes Spoiler Alert as being a “friendly place for geeks”. It’s a show that has something for everyone, including fans of comics, TV, movies, video games and more. The ‘Robin’ to Claire’s ‘Batman’ (she’s very proud of her Batman pyjamas), Adam Johnson, mentioned that Fubar is a very relaxed station that works differently to commercial stations. Episode 6 is a full 2 hour episode with comedy legend Jay Baruchel. Name me another radio station that offers that! Episode 7 (which aired last night) featured John Leguizamo, Luigi from the Super Mario Bros movie, who admits that while the movie is far from one of his favourites, he has noticed that it now garners a surprise cult following.

Gamers will want to start by checking out episode 2, their video game special where Adam quizzes Claire and the audience on video game sound effects and video games, both classic and modern, are discussed and receive equal attention. The hosts mentioned the idea of testing out themed shows and that there may be more of these in the future. Adam’s weapon of choice is his Playstation 4, while Claire is a big fan of the Farcry series. Yes, the hosts are REAL GAMERS. There’s no pretence, no thinking to yourself “do these guys REALLY play games, read comics and watch Marvel movies?” They do and they’re damn proud of it.

During the interview we discussed how one fandom can lead to another, guests they would like to have on the show (Adam would like to invite more people who run conventions or cosplayers), more about video games, how Adam earned the nickname “Sexy Legs”, and so much more. It was (as Fubar Radio’s Justin Lee Collins would say) an “embarrassment of riches”, and it’s a real shame the recording wasn’t a success.

Spoiler Alert can be heard on Fubar Radio at www.fubarradio.com or on the Fubar Radio app for iPhone and Android. Podcasts of previous episodes can be found on iTunes.

Claire can also be found on her new music show “Badge of Friendship” starting on Monday. Adam can also be found producing shows for Mark Dolan, Justin Lee Collins, Huw Joseph and Ray Peacock among others.

In South Australia, Spoiler Alert can be heard live on Thursday nights from 10:30PM until 12:30AM.

Fubar Radio Promo

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