Neil Kaplan Interview
My final interview during the 2015 Oz Comic Con weekend was with the amazing Neil Kaplan, or as I refer to him, the man who held up production on Starcraft 2. However, as Neil says, because of the delays the game had extra time to develop and become the rich experience that it is today. During this interview Neil discusses the process of creating scratch tracks around the characters, how the animation is created around those tracks and some of the surprise voices that turn up in games and movies. He also discusses the difficulty he had getting in on the Starcraft audio book “Heaven’s Devils”!

We discuss other roles Neil has been involved in, including his portrayal of Optimus Prime, Eeyore (who is just a depressed Optimus Prime) and being the ‘budget’ Peter Cullen of the voice over world. Keep listening at the end when Billy Boyd comes along to give Neil a much needed massage!

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Download HERE (12MB MP3)


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