The name Hewson Consultants brings about a flood of memories, from the amazing maze game Ranarama, to the semi-RPG Firelord, the immersive adventure of Dragontorc, and all of those classic Rafaelle Cecco titles. I think it’s safe to say that Hewson Consultants were a very big part of my childhood!

I am extremely grateful to Andrew and Rob Hewson for taking an hour out of their day to have a chat with me. In this interview we cover the beginnings of Hewson Consultants, its unfortunate demise, the rise of 21st Century Entertainment (Pinball Fantasies anyone?), Rob’s time at TT Fusion working on Lego titles, and what the future holds. Keep listening after the outro, as I have included some outtakes where we discuss how the world has adopted the US video game crash, and black squares on fairy breasts!

It was a real pleasure doing this interview. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much I did recording it!

The story of Hewson Consultants and 21st Century Entertainment will soon be available in book form. You will be able to buy “Hints and Tips from video game Pioneers” by going to the official Hewson Website. Just click this link

If you like the music used in this interview it is available from Hewson Consultants. Just click this link to check it out. $12.88 is a small price to pay for these amazing remixes!

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Download HERE (48Mb MP3)

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