Carmageddon (iOS)

After hyperventilating from the release of Carmageddon on iOS, Dave took a couple of deep breaths, sat down and reviewed this much-anticipated game to see if it was worth him reacting like that or not.

Retrospekt Review: Mega Man issue #1 (comic)

As I'm writing this review for this website, you probably already know that I love retro games. But what you probably don't know is that I work in a comic book store and I also love comics. So when issue #1 of Mega Man came in I can assure you I was stoked!

Retrospekt Review: Legend of Zelda (PC)

Written by Mike Towns. I’ve been playing Video Games for quite a while, nearly two decades in fact. I was first introduced to the medium by my siblings who let me play their Commodore 64 when I was around three years old. My brother had me programming in Basic and even though I couldn’t exactly read or write proficiently I was able to create a little bouncing ball on the screen and I was thoroughly amazed

Retrospekt Review – Blast Corps (N64) Written by Ben Rosenthal

Ok, here’s the story. There’s this truck. It’s red. On the back of this truck is a giant nuclear freaking warhead. Not a problem I hear you think, it’s on a truck with a driver who is carefully driving it to safety. WRONG! There is no driver! What would be the logical step? Find a way to halt the truck to an easy stop? Helicopter bomb experts onto the warhead to diffuse it? Or hire a demolition team to use a wide array of vehicles to smash apart anything in the trucks way

Retrospekt Review: Black 4 In One (Atari 2600) Written by Joseph Tobin

This one is a bit of an oddity. Manufactured by a German company (from what little I can find out online about it) named Bit Corp. (which sounds like a really cool chiptune artist name if you ask me) is the Black 4 In One cartridge. Why I refer to it as the Black 4 In One cartridge is because years after acquiring that one (I’ve had it since I was about 10 or 12) I managed to acquire an orange one with a different mix of games on it and the same name (which I may review later).

Retrospekt Review: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (iOS)

Ah yes.. Mortal Kombat.. one of my all-time favourite 1 on 1 fighting series made.. Hell, depending on which in the series, I tend to like it more than Street Fighter.. Yes there I go, I said it.. Maybe because I’m better at it (it as in Mortal Kombat 2 in particular), than I am at other Street Fighter games from the same era. Oh sure, different control mechanisms involved, but a 1 on 1 fighter is a 1 on 1 fighter…