Carmageddon (iOS)

After hyperventilating from the release of Carmageddon on iOS, Dave took a couple of deep breaths, sat down and reviewed this much-anticipated game to see if it was worth him reacting like that or not.

Retrospekt Review: Mega Man issue #1 (comic)

As I'm writing this review for this website, you probably already know that I love retro games. But what you probably don't know is that I work in a comic book store and I also love comics. So when issue #1 of Mega Man came in I can assure you I was stoked!

Retrospekt Review: Legend of Zelda (PC)

Written by Mike Towns. I’ve been playing Video Games for quite a while, nearly two decades in fact. I was first introduced to the medium by my siblings who let me play their Commodore 64 when I was around three years old. My brother had me programming in Basic and even though I couldn’t exactly read or write proficiently I was able to create a little bouncing ball on the screen and I was thoroughly amazed

Retrospekt Review – Blast Corps (N64) Written by Ben Rosenthal

Ok, here’s the story. There’s this truck. It’s red. On the back of this truck is a giant nuclear freaking warhead. Not a problem I hear you think, it’s on a truck with a driver who is carefully driving it to safety. WRONG! There is no driver! What would be the logical step? Find a way to halt the truck to an easy stop? Helicopter bomb experts onto the warhead to diffuse it? Or hire a demolition team to use a wide array of vehicles to smash apart anything in the trucks way

Retrospekt Review: Black 4 In One (Atari 2600) Written by Joseph Tobin

This one is a bit of an oddity. Manufactured by a German company (from what little I can find out online about it) named Bit Corp. (which sounds like a really cool chiptune artist name if you ask me) is the Black 4 In One cartridge. Why I refer to it as the Black 4 In One cartridge is because years after acquiring that one (I’ve had it since I was about 10 or 12) I managed to acquire an orange one with a different mix of games on it and the same name (which I may review later).

Retrospekt Review: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (iOS)

Ah yes.. Mortal Kombat.. one of my all-time favourite 1 on 1 fighting series made.. Hell, depending on which in the series, I tend to like it more than Street Fighter.. Yes there I go, I said it.. Maybe because I’m better at it (it as in Mortal Kombat 2 in particular), than I am at other Street Fighter games from the same era. Oh sure, different control mechanisms involved, but a 1 on 1 fighter is a 1 on 1 fighter…

Retrospekt Review: Master of Darkness (SEGA Master System)

The SEGA Master System was quite a unique console, especially with it’s titles, and later in the years (as in the mid 90’s) many 3rd party companies continued to develop titles for the platform, take Tectoy’s port of Street Fighter 2 for example. Due to the overwhelming competition that SEGA had with the NES in the 8-bit era, it was hard for SEGA to bring out original titles that would win audiences over. Sonic the Hedgehog was the exception naturally, and whilst talking about big-named platform titles, another title, which never got to see the day on SEGA’s 8-bit console was Castlevania.

Retrospekt Review : Pitfall vs Tom Boy (Atari 2600)

I will cover Tom Boy first as that is the game we first acquired. I remember getting this game at some point when I was 8 or 9. We got Tom Boy and The Year 1999 (what a laughable name for a game given its 2010 - I’ll have to review that one in the future) together. Tom Boy was supposed to be my sister’s and The Year 1999 mine although we shared everything with the Atari anyway.