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Marcus Schmerl

During the golden era of the 80s and 90s, Marcus' early gaming was all about the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, and video game arcades. He learnt to program simple games, although they were rather bad. Now he's a graduate student researching the history of educational software and games, teaching coding to students, Retrospekt's web admin, DJ, and JoyPad event organiser. He dreams of visiting Japan for the sixth time and enjoys playing nerdy music at exceedingly loud volumes.

Michael Towns

Mike's a dude who likes games. He holds no allegiances, he just likes games. He'd even play Tetris on a shoe if he could. Spending his spare time dabbling in things like chiptune orchestrating and making video games, he likes to share his love of gaming through the articles he writes and videos he produces on Retrospekt.

Jen Beauchamp

Wordsmith, article editor, Mortal Kombat afficionado.

David Kudrev

Dave is the founder of and original driving force behind Retrospekt and all that has followed from it. If he were to pick his favourite genres of games, SNES exclusive JRPGs would be his flavour. Here's some trivia: Donkey Kong on the arcade will always be a symbolic favourite for him, not surprising when you consider they both share the same initials and were born in the same year. Dave is currently on hiatus pursuing some new projects.


Dan is an Internationally published writer and illustrator of children's books, videographer, screen printer and awesome dude. Dan has been playing video games all his life which has helped forge some unbreakable bonds with people that he now holds quite dear.


Osty collects games, arcade machines, and likes to ship mystery boxes of games and kaiju from Japan for 6 to 8 weeks.

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