Happy new year everyone. We hope you had a safe, restful, and enjoyable holiday period. There’s a fair backlog of news, reviews, and more; do check in on our website for more regular updates as 2023 rolls on.

Jumping right into our piece of retro gaming news for the year, and wow is it a big one. In fact, this news is two thousand FREE games big!

The OneLoad64 Games Collection V4 by StarMat is a carefully curated love-letter to the many Commodore 64 games of the 1980s and 90s. This collection is, however, much more than just a dumped set of disk and tape images; far from it…

Beyond the two thousand games included, there’s nearly 100 multiload game conversions. And in addition to the cartridge version of each title, all games are included in almost every C64 possible!

  • BINs — AlternativeFormats\BINs
  • EasyFlash — AlternativeFormats\EasyFlash
  • PRGs — AlternativeFormats\PRGs
  • Tapecart — AlternativeFormats\Tapecart
  • Originals — Dumps\SourceFiles
  • Screenshots — Extras\Images\Screenshots
  • Extras\OriginalCRTs — Extras\OfficialCRTs

For use on anything from emulators, C64 emulation-based hardware, MiSTer FPGAs, and of course real computers, this collection also supports those with a Sidekick64 device. The Sidekick is an open source C64 cart design (using a Raspberry Pi as its ‘brains’) affording users a myriad of extra functions and capabilities as detailed in the link above (should we acquire or make one, you’ll definitely read about it here). In this instance, the OneLoad64 collection has slideshow images on the cartridge itself when loading games!

You can check out the promo-video for the OneLoad64 Collection below…

You can download the collection from either here or here. I’ve so far had a quick play of a dozen or so games on the Virtualc64 emulator for MacOS and all worked without fail. Once I nab an SD/USB disk drive or cartridge simulator for the original C64 hardware, I’ll be sure to check them out and report back. Until then, make sure you grab the OneLoad64 Collection post-haste and enjoy!

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