The Intellivision Amico has had a rough ride to retail the last few years. Having missed release dates, a failed retry at crowd funding, re-shuffling the company higher ups and currently embarking on a bit of a quiet period. Despite this, a recent unboxing video failed to garner the expected positive response Intellivision were after, adding to the growing pile of controversies related to the system.

Following the occasional Retrospekt pattern of covering late breaking news that appears at the end of March, last night saw a surprising plethora of Amico leaks directly after a private live stream demonstration for the new round of wealthy investors who have joined the project.

Along with a new look for the console, the video footage also shows a redesign of the box that was recently shown as well as the system now being a kind of ‘home console’ and ‘multi-portable’ hybrid, like a Nintendo Switch with two Game Boys attached. Very reminiscent of the Dreamcast VMU memory cards too.

Among other unexpected changes, like to the systems UI and the ability to download ebooks and watch movies as well as TV shows via Amazon Prime, some of the playable ROMs that download onto the new controllers have leaked. They can be loaded and played on any Game Boy emulator to boot, which is great for people who want to finally give the new Earthworm Jim a go.

All the info provided here came from the amiconspiracy site. For many more images, video, information as well as a download for those mentioned leaked ROM files be sure to check that website out.

We hope you all have a great day!

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